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Lancer Tactical brings the iconic M82 Barrett 50-caliber to the airsoft market perfect for any budget. While the gas versions of this airsoft rifle sell well over $1,500, Lancer Tactical has produced a high quality spring powered replica for a fraction of that Ceci est un jouet destiné à la pratique de l'airsoft (autorisé dès l'âge de 18 ans). Découvrez une des dernières répliques LANCER TACTICAL qui est la LT-20 r..

All Gas & Co2 Airsoft Guns. All High Pressured Air ( HPA ) Airsoft Guns. Airsoft Gas Blow Back Package. Elite Force Gas Operated Pistol & Revolver. Socom Gear Barrett M82 Monopod $100.00 $98.00. SOCOM Gear Barrett M82 Short Barrel Kit $250.00 $245.00. Snow Wolf M82 Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Black A Spring-Powered replica of the fearsome Barrett M107 Anti-Materiel Rifle which outputs a whopping 450FPS. With an easy to use bolt and light overall weight, Airsoft finally has a manoeuvrable .50 Cal replica which can perform just as well as the VSR/MB-01 shape rifles Automatic electric airsoft gun ().Replica of model Barrett M82A1 [SW-02A] in full metal design. Everything on the gun is made of steel or metal alloy, except the grip which is from durable plastic and rubber stock pad AirsoftGuns magazín AirsoftGuns magazín. 18.12.2019 PF 2020, úprava provozní doby airsoft prodejny; 20.12.2017 PF 2018, úprava provozní doby AirsoftGuns; 03.11.2017 Pět dní dopravy na AirsoftGuns zdarma!; 20.06.2017 AirsoftGuns YouTube: AEP Glock 18C, Cyma CM 030, recenze a střelecký test; 25.04.2017 Naskladnění Tokyo Marui, nejlepší japonské GBB plynovky, manuály a AE M82 airsoft uses and co2 cartridges conforming to Thefirearmblog. The people of madbull airsoft designed a barrett m82 barrel that ejects cartridges afterwards. Watch the video below by madbull large amounts of co2 allow big heavy weight, realistic rifle and also

Ostatní AEG, M82 BARRETT (SW-02) - Základní informace Režim střelby Jednotlivě i dávka Princip funkce Elektrická Orientační výkon zbraně (+/- 10%) Energie projektilu (J) 1,69 Airsoft zbraně Barrett M82; Airsoft zbraně Colt M4 a M16; Airsoft zbraně Galil a Tavor; Airsoft zbraně FAMAS; Airsoft zbraně FN FAL; Airsoft zbraně FN P90; Airsoft zbraně FN SCAR; Airsoft zbraně HK 416; Airsoft zbraně HK G3; Airsoft zbraně HK G36 a HK SL-8; Airsoft zbraně HK MP5; Airsoft zbraně L85 a L86; Airsoft zbraně M14.

Zavedena byla jako Model 82 (M82), známější je ale jako Barret Light Fifty (lehká padesátka). Její modernizovaná verze M82A1 se objevila roku 1986. Barrett M82 je těžká odstřelovací a proti-materiálová puška, přijatá do výzbroje armády USA koncem osmdesátých let dvacátého století peso- 3020. fps - 430. abs. accionamiento a muelle. hop up-regulable. cargador low cap. longitud-139 Barrett M82A1 CQB, dvojnožka, optika, Snow Wolf, SW-02 Elektrická airsoftová zbraň. Replika modelu Barrett M82A1 CQB [SW-02] v celokovovém provedení. V tomto setu naleznete výškově nastavitelnou dvojnožku a kvalitní optický zaměřovač Snow Wolf SW-02A CQB Barrett M82A1 Sniper AEG Kit 1.27 Joule- BK Startseite / SW-02A CQB Barrett M82A1 Sniper AEG Kit 1.27 Joule- BK Altersnachweis/FSK18 erforderlich - Um Lieferverzögerungen zu vermeiden, habe ich bereits eine Ausweiskopie an [email protected] gesendet Těžká protimateriálová a odstřelovací puška Barrett M82 je určena na ničení cílů na dlouhou vzdálenost. Stejně jako ostrá varianta, bude i tato replika budit zasloužený respekt i obdiv na bojišti. Robustní celokovové tělo opravdu pocítíte, hmotnost této verze činí 6,4 kg

M82 has 2 main variants, the original M82A1 / M82A3, and M82A2, the bullpup version of M82 Family. The Barrett M82 is a heavy sniper and anti-material rifle, taken into the US military armament in the late 1980s. The weapon is designed as a self-loading sniper rifle for long distances Great air soft gun, exactly as described. This is a hard shooting, accurate rifle once dialed in. I bought this mainly for show and to play around with, the Barrett M82 is my favorite sniper rifle and that's why I bought it. it's built well and very fun and it arrived a day early for me! 10/10 recommend

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Fully custom, Hand-built Barrett M82 50CAL Spec List: Galaxy Barrett M82 shell Mancraft SDiK HPA Engine (SVD Edition) Airsoft Pro SVD Hopup unit and Nub 595mm Madbull inner barrel with custom extension Nikehawk Scope and riser Mancraft Regulator and 3d printed tournament lock 2no 30rd magazines F.. Life is a fight, enjoy it! Search Kosá The Galaxy G31(D) is a new cheap Barrett that is a welcome change in this class of rifles. It's almost all plastic (the only metal part being the barrel), really lightweight and easily manouverable. It shoots 120 m/s out of the box, and uses internals that of an A&K SVD (or so I inspected). The co2 conversion for that gun should fit in here

An Airsoft 6mm Airsoft AEG replica designed to look like the FN P90, produced by FN Herstal in Belgium, supplied with an adaptor to allow the use of m4 magazines including the provided STANAG highcap If you're looking for tan colour versions, they're now available at RedWolf Airsoft for US$899... Limited Edition M82 conversion kit now in Tan! With the SOCOMGEAR M82A1 Barrett Conversion Kit, you can put in your own custom internals! This conversion kit is designed to convert an M4/M16 AEG (Ver. 2 gearbox) into a full M82A1 rifle. (Donor M4/M16 AEG required to complete this gun Doprava zdarma na všechny objednávky nad 5000 Kč. Vážení zákazníci, v této sekci naleznete airsoftové zbraně plynové.Nabízíme jak plynové zbraně dlouhé - útočné pušky, samopaly, tak plynové zbraně krátké - pistole, revolvery.Tyto airsoftové plynové zbraně, jak už název napovídá, jsou poháněny plynem, ať už plynem Green Gas, popř

The M82 is the classic and iconic .50 anti-material rifle, it is a recoil operated semi automatic weapon capable of taking out light armour and other strategic targets such as military hardware or mounted weapons. The designation M82 comes from the fact the weapon was designed in 1982, Ronnie Barrett airsoft sniper tuning upgrades for barrett, airsoft tuning lancer, lancer tactical ltr338l spring sniper rifle airssoft gun reviews, lancer tactical m82 50-cal style airsoft spring sniper rifle c02 converter, lancer tactical m82 hop up, lancer tactical m82 rifle parts Accueil > Pièces internes & Upgrades > Pièces Upgrades Sniper > Cylindres & têtes de cylindres > KIT CONVERSION CO2 POUR SNIPER LT-20 M82-Barrett. KIT CONVERSION CO2 POUR SNIPER LT-20 M82-Barrett. Tweet Partager Google+ Pinterest 69,90 € Référence: A68756. Condition:. This is airsoft version great value polymer replica of the well-known M82 A1 Barrett sniper rifle. It is spring action rifle, with the internals very similars with the popular SVD. So many AirsoftPro upgrade parts fit in

M82 Barrett - AirsoftPro

Europe airsoft shop, online store: Wind up hi-cap magazine for AEG guns Barrett M82/M107 from Snow Wolf Barrett M82A1 [SW-02A] od společnosti Snow Wolf je vysoce kvalitní replika americké těžké odstřelovací pušky Barrett M82. Jedná se o jednu z nejrobustnějších odstřelovacích pušek na trhu. Téměř celá zbraň je vyrobená z odolného kovu v poměru 1:1 s originální ostrou verzí. Zbraň je vybavená těmito součástkami AirSoft občas bolí, aneb headshot a následná operace Nejkomentovanější. Airsoftový odstřelovač - FAQ: CZ EVO 3A1 Scorpion gameplay: Nejlepší pistole v poměru cena/výkon? G18C Cyma AEP: APS APM50 - Shell Ejecting Co2: Barrett M82 HPA. 16. 01. 2017 kategorie:. Galaxy Barrett M82 that I have styled to resemble the M107A1. Main body is ABS with metal barrel and internals. Originally a solid colour with plastic M82 styled flash hider, I went for a tan and black set up by buying the 2 different colour versions and interchanging parts to get the current look Odstřelovací puška Barrett M82 A1 - celokov, optika, dvojnožka, Snow Wolf, SW-024A

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Durability - When it relates to buying an airsoft weapon, durability is paramount. The reason is air soft rifles and guns are used for a long time for shooting practice. If the rifle lacks durability, it'll break or wear out. The M82 Barrett is a durable weapon made out of sturdy materials Pistolas CO2 ASG MARCADORAS CO2 HK Umarex Kjw CO2 WIN-GUN Vega Force Company / Stark Arms G&G Socom Gear KWC Otras marcas M82 A1 BARRETT ABS Galaxy. Model AP5895. Condition New. This product is no longer in stock AIRSOFT GANDIA, C/ Ciutat laval 23 bajo - 46702 Gandía (Valencia). Pin your enemies down and score eliminations before they even seen you with the LT-20B M82 Spring Rifle - Black from Badlands Paintball. Give Us A Call: (800) 717-5314 Wish List Sign i CQB doesn't necessarily mean close quarter battle especially in this case since the Barrett M107 is still a sniper rifle even with this shorter 20 inch outer barrel set. You also don 't have to worry about the inner barrel as it will still be hidden once this is applied to your M107. If you don't want to have to deal with such a longer sniper rifle and would rather cut off a couple of inches.

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  1. Vážení zákazníci, v této sekci naleznete airsoft zbraně M60.Jedná se o standartní kulomet se všeobecným použitím, který se začal vyrábět v roce 1959.V dnešní době je v ozbrojených silách USA nahrazován zbraněmi M240 a M249 SAW, ale stále je využíván i v armádách jiných zemí
  2. Sniperky elektrické, Airsoft Sniper M107 A1 BARRETT - TAN - Snow Wolf - Barrett M107 A1 je modernizovaná verze těžké odstřelovací pušky M82. Airsoftová zbraň má ocelovou konstrukce a váhu 6,5 kg. Elektrické provedení se zabudovaným běžným mechaboxem verze 2
  3. SNIPER AIRSOFT BARRETT M82; SNIPER AIRSOFT BARRETT M82. Mais Imagens. SNIPER AIRSOFT BARRETT M82. R$1.899,00. ou R$1.709,10 no boleto. Revólver de airsoft SRC CO2 4 Full Metal. Preço: R$1.925,00 . Preço Promocional R$1.732,50 . ou R$1.559,25 no boleto. Em até 10x R$.
  4. SNOW WOLF SW02-A M82A1 M99 Black BARRETT AEG Sniper, AEG Airsoft Tüfek Snow Wolf SW-02A M82A1 M99 Tipi Airsoft Tüfek M82 Barett Airsoft Sniper AEG Full Metal 3-9x50 Dürbün Snow Wolf. CO2. CO2 TABANCA.
  5. SNIPER RIFLE DE AIRSOFT BARRETT M82 TAN - LANCER; SNIPER RIFLE DE AIRSOFT BARRETT M82 TAN - LANCER. Mais Imagens. REVÓLVER AIRSOFT SRC CO2 4 Full Metal Silver. Preço: R$2.088,00 . Preço Promocional R$1.879,20 . ou R$1.691,28 no boleto. Em até 10x R$.
  6. Lancer Tactical M82 is a replica of Barrett M82A1 .50Cal sniper rifle used for US Military. This airsoft rifle is constructed out of polymer externally with a metal outer barrel for decreased weight. Monolithic top rail allows the user to mount an array of optics needed for the operation. Spring operated and single shot for ease of use
SOCOM Gear Full Metal Barrett M82 Sniper Rifle AEG Airsoft

Ce kit de conversion compatible avec les répliques airsoft sniper BARRETT M82 LT-20 de marque Lancer Tactical vous permettra convertir votre système pour un fonctionnement au CO2 plutôt qu'à ressort. Il contient une culasse, un piston, un cylindre, une tête de piston, un guide, ressort, un ressort ainsi qu'un nozzle From Airsoft-News EU: SOCOMGEAR licensed Barrett M82A2 prototype sneak peek! Will be released in 2011. Possibly GBB version. The M82A2 is a rare version of the M82 and only a few been sold to the public. We are very lucky to be able to check out one of the M82A2 and produce the Airsoft replicas! All our rifles are closely 1:1 external dimensions

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Sniper LT 20 Barrett M82 Spring 1,5 J Lancer Tactical. Choisir BCM Loisir, c'est la sécurité et l'assurance d'une collaboration efficace ! 05 55 74 41 42. Nous contacter . Menu. » Airsoft pas cher » Armes CO2 4,5 mm » Cartes Cadeaux » Top impact » Pack airsoft » Répliques de poing » CO2 » Revolver » Type 191 Connue sous le nom de Light Fifty pour ses cartouches de calibre .50 BMG, cette sniper à longue portée SW99-02 (copie du M82 Barrett) a connu une excellente carrière dans le monde entier. Des opérations militaires contre des cibles telles que les cabines de radar, les camions, les avions stationnés, aux forces de l'ordre arrêtant les cartels de la drogue, immobilisant les voitures et. NEW: Barrett M82 - Co2 Recenze zbraní, upgrade, příručky odstř., vychytávky atd. Tanaka M40A3 by Maikel. Welcome to sniper team Death Angels |CZECH Vítejte na webu sniper týmu Death Angels. Tento tým s názvem Death Angels vznikl v roce 2006

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  1. MadBull Airsoft dévoile un prototype de Barrett GBB MadBull Airsoft annonce pour bientôt la sortie d'un monstre : une réplique gaz-blowback du célèbre fusil de précision M82 Barrett (ou plutôt de sa variante le M107)
  2. ente, tout ce que nous pouvions faire était d'attendre à la porte d'entrée comme un enfant avant le jour de Noël.Nous n'avons plus à attendre et Tim a plongé à l'occasion pour le revoir
  3. Le cauchemar de tous les joueurs. Et pour cause un fusil sniper actuel est capable de traiter un joueur adverse entre 80 mètres avec la plus grande discrétion. Nous vous proposons une gamme très large de snipe airsoft à ressort, à gaz ou en CO2 issus des grandes marques : Ares, Cybergun, ASG, Maru
  4. SW-016 Type M98B AEG Tan Snow Wolf Le M98B est une fusil de précision à action à verrou chambré en .338 Lapua Magnum. Produit à partir de 1997, le M98B est avant tout conçu pour le tir à longue distance grâce à son excellente précision pour un fusil de sa catégorie. Ses principaux atouts réside dans la force de sa munition, son design inspiré par la série AR-15 Stoner et bien.
  5. The Real Barrett M82A1 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle produced by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing company, and It is used by many special forces units and armies around the planet and is famous for its effective long range of over 1,800 metres or 1.1 miles
  6. CO2 Havalı Tüfek HAVALI TABANCA Savunma Silahları Havalı Silah Aksesuar M82 Barett Airsoft Sniper AEG. snow wolf sw02-a m82a1 , airsoft barrett , barrett 50 cal airsoft.
  7. On retrouve ici une réplique airsoft sniper du célèbre BARRETT M82 LT-20 en version spring (ressort, réarmement manuel). Points fort: - Rapport qualité / prix - Poids de seulement 3100 grammes - Canon de précision 500mm / 6.05mm - Puissance 420 FPS en sortie de boite - Montage rapide. Contenu du produi

Snow Wolf made a plastic body M82 some time ago. It is only 5 kilos which has some prospect. I was toying around with the idea to get one, but our local semi auto DMR regulations were adjusted to 500 FPS max. That is not much better than a regular AEG Barrett M82 . 50 Airsoft Sniper Rifle /novo projeto terá comprimento de + ou - 1400/ 1ºvideo Sera um novo projeto do canal guns toys este belo.50 Barrett deixe seu like e acompanhe. sera feito em plastico de 2mm e usando o caninho dos meus projetos d.. Fucili elettrici professionali per Softair serie Barrett, modello Barrett M82 e Barrett QL82 full metal delle migliori marche Snow Wolf, Ares, Umarex, Heckler&Koch e G&G. Softair Rastelli ti offre, inoltre, un'ampia gamma di modelli di pistole a gas per softair, pistole a Co2 scarrellanti blowback, pistole elettriche Cyma, pistole a salve Bruni e Kimar, accessori e ricambi, balestre, archi.

Billes, Gaz et Co2. Batteries et chargeurs. Custom. Accessoires et Modifications. Snow Wolf Barrett M82 AEG. Snow Wolf Barrett M82 AEG. 699,90 CHF. Pro Equipement Pro Airsoft R Loup. Avenue du Mont-Blanc 20, 1196 Gland 021 825 18 78. info@proequipement.c Rifle de Airsoft Sniper barrett .50 Full Metal, é o equipamento mais real no Airsoft, com o seu corpo todo em metal reforçado tem o aumento do realismo. Seu sistema elétrico deixa ela mais poderosa na utilização de grandes jogos Barrett 50 Cal M82A1 bolt action sniper rifle with Scope and Bipod The awesome CCCP M82A1 is a fantasticly priced replica of the monstrous .50 calibre 'anti-material' rifle the Barrett M82A1 which is a semi-automatic sniper rifle created by the American Barrett Firearms Manufacturing firm, and used by special forces and armies around the world. Barrett 50 Cal M82A1 bolt action sniper. Airsoft Barret M82 Snow Wolf Completa Com Luneta Act Trc. R$ 5.800. 12x . R$ 550, 95. Usado - São Paulo. Enviando normalmente. Pistola Airsoft Glock 17 Spring Vigor Gk V307 6mm. R$ 179. 12x . Pistola Airsoft Co2 Sig Sauer Sp2022 Slide Metal + Bbs + Co2. Vendido por Falcon Sport. R$ 599. 12x . R$ 49, 92. sem juros. Frete grátis SW-02 Type Barrett M82 AEG Snow Wolf Le fusil Anti-matériel Barrett M82 est né de l'imagination d'un Américain, Ronnie Barrett.Conçu pour tirer des cartouches de calibre .50 (12.7X99MM), le M82 est avant tout conçu pour la destruction de blindages légers et d'immobiliser des blindés lourds. Le Barrett partage quelques similarités avec la plateforme AR-15, tel la poignée pistolet et l.

Video: SOCOM Gear Full Metal Barrett M82 Sniper AEG Airsoft Rifl

Lancer Tactical - LT-20 Sniper M82 Sprin

Airsoft M82 barrette CO2 - [2.9. 2020] Prodám airsoftovou zbraň m82 barrett e s upgradem na CO2 s úsťovou rychlostí cca 165 m/s .Zbraň téměř nová byla na pár akcí. Ke zbrani je optika a zásobník na 40 ran Co2 Conversion kit for sniper LT-20 M82 Référence : A68756 Kit made entirely of aluminum, replaces the original parts of your replica to allow the use of a CO2 sparclette Barrett M82 - Co2 by Maikel. DSC01275 « » ← Předchoz

The best airsoft sniper rifles combine both power and accuracy with a heavy dose of consistency. After all, you don't want to have your target in your sights only to have your rifle let you down. This roundup of the 11 best airsoft sniper rifles looks at our favorite models across 3 categories: Best Spring Sniper Rifles; Best Gas Sniper Rifle Takže jsem se zkusil porozhlédnout po replikách Barrett M82 a CheyTac M200, u kterých jsem věděl, že se v airsoftu také vyrábí. Nakonec byla mojí první zbraní, kterou jsem si koupil, Gen2 Socom Gear Barrett M82. Dodnes tu pušku mám. Navíc jsem jí osadil PolarStar Fusion Engine, když se pro ní objevil na trhu Descriptive Text Barrett M82 Spring Sniper Rifle. Playing Airsoft is fun but we have to obey all of the regulations for safety reason. I like to be a sniper when I play Airsoft with my community on the battlefield. Today, I would like to introduce to all of you, one of my favorite Airsoft weapon. It is called Barrett M82 Spring Sniper Rifle. It is called Barrett M82 because it is a replica.

Encontrá Barrett M82 Airsoft - Deportes y Fitness en Mercado Libre Argentina. Descubrí la mejor forma de comprar online Best Double Eagle Airsoft M82 Comparison. We will support you zero in on the prime double eagle airsoft m82 with quality, service, and deals. With a click, you can choose by model, such as Charger, /, Rifle or Scope. Refine by type, like Charger, Rifle, Scope, 1 and more. You also can pick out by material, material, 1, Steel, Plastic and more

Barrett M107, úsťová brzda M82, Black, nožičky, Snow Wolf, SW-013B Elektrická airsoftová zbraň. Replika modelu Barrett M107 [SW-013B] v celokovovom prevedení s úsťovú brzdou M82. V tomto sete naviac nájdete výškovo nastaviteľnú dvojnožku Scopri le migliori offerte, subito a casa, in tutta sicurezza Fucili elettrici professionali per Softair serie Barrett, modello Barrett M82 e Barrett QL82 full metal delle migliori marche Snow Wolf, Ares, Umarex, Heckler&Koch e G&G. Softair Rastelli ti offre, inoltre, un'ampia gamma di modelli di pistole a gas per softair, pistole a Co2. Zde se nacházíte: Heureka.cz » Sport » Střelecké sporty » Airsoft » Airsoftové zbraně » Lancer Tactical M82 » Specifikace. Lancer Tactical M82. 85% Hodnocení produktu: 85%. 2 1 recenze Přidat do oblíbených. Přidat do porovnání.

Barrett M82 Snow Wolf. Funzionamento elettrico, semi e full auto; all'interno meccanica M4. Castello in metallo. Bipiede compreso, ottica opzionale. Batteria e carica compresi nella confezione (non coperti da garanzia) Airsoft Horizon, 23 allée du Cobalt 77176 Savigny-le-Temple Appelez-nous au : 09 74 59 58 91 E-mail : service-clients@airsoft-horizon.f

Barrett M82A1, bipod, scope, Snow Wolf, SW-02A AirsoftGun

The Barrett M82 family of sniper rifles is legendary both in military and law enforcement circles as being one of the most accurate and deadly sniper rifles available. Firing the .50 BMG round at over 2700 FPS, it has an effective range of over one mile » Airsoft pas cher » Armes CO2 4,5 mm » Cartes Cadeaux » Top impact » Pack airsoft » Répliques de poing » CO2 » Revolver » Type 1911 » Bipied Sniper LT 20 Barrett M82 - A68758. Marque : Lancer Tactical. Bipied en polymere conçu spécialement pour le sniper LT-20 Barrett M82. Tags: sniper barrett m82

Manuální zbraně AirsoftGun

Ich sag erstmal Hallo, Also ich suche jetzt schon seit einer Weile eine Bauanleitung für das Snipergewehr M82, da ich bis jetzt aber bis jetzt nichts brauchbare gefunden habe wollte ich mich hier an euch wenden, und hoffen das ihr etwas passendes fü The G31 Barrett M82 is easily one of the most powerful-looking airsoft sniper rifles on the market. Based on the Barrett M82 anti-material rifle, these large airsoft guns are sure to make an impression and come in black or blue depending on your needs MadBull Airsoft avait fait sensation il y a quelques mois en annonçant une réplique gaz-blowback (CO2) du fusil de précision Barrett, dans sa variante M107.. Son mécanisme est basé sur des cartouches factices, contenant une bille et une recharge de gaz. La première vidéo publiée en Avril montrait le tir d'une cartouche unique chargée manuellement Bipied en métal et télescopique noir pour Sniper Barett M82. La première chose que l'on apprend à l'armée c'est que l'on doit s'adapter au terrain, ce bipied est l'accessoire qui vous permettra d'y arriver facilement avec votre barrett M82

BARRETT Airsoft Gun Airsoftguns

It's fast, clean, inexpensive and easily maintained. The gun does not require any gas or batteries to operate, it's ready for action right out of the box. If you're looking for a fun, reliable airsoft gun that looks and performs great, then look no further. You're bound to have a blast with this gun. M82 .50-Cal Spring Airsoft Sniper Rifle Gu shání insignie 2.PzPr | Army shop, airsoft, armyburza - největší burza s militariemi v Č Encuentra Barrett M82 Co2 Y Aire Armas Comprimido - Tiro Deportivo en Mercado Libre México. Descubre la mejor forma de comprar online Popis: AK74 Prodám takovou raritku. AK74 postavené z dílů z ostré (legálně). Vše je v CNC. Mechabox CNC, hop komora CNC, zátěžové kola, Extrem mosfet, motor Systema, přesná hlaveň , kabely vyvedena na pažbu, pružina 150 ale už je vytahaná

Réplique airsoft fusil sniper G31C Barrett M82 - calibre

M82 BARRETT (SW-02) Army-Airsoft

SNIPER GALAXY DE AIRSOFT SPRING BARRETT M82 .50. R$ 2.350,00. em até 10x de R$ 235,00 sem juros. ou R$ 1.997,50 à vista. Itens Inclusos: - 01 Sniper Galaxy Barrett .50 - 01 Magazine Para 50 BB's. CILINDRO CO2 AUROK 12G DESCARTÁVEL 20UN. R$ 118,00. em até 2x de R$ 59,00 sem juros. ou R$ 100,30 à vista. Comprar. Adicionar aos meus.

Barrett 500581B Pump BB Shotgun - Just BB GunsRaven MEU 1911 Airsoft GBB Pistol - Just BB Guns
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